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Petri Dish

Biomaterials engineering


Precision cancer medicine

Fantastic News!

  • Congratulations! Prof. Son has secured 우수신진 과제 (연구재단) for the next 5 years. 

  • Our paper entitled "Induction of T-helper-17-cell-mediated anti-tumour immunity by pathogen-mimicking polymer nanoparticles" has been published in Nature Biomedical Engineering. The paper was also highlighted in Nature BME News & Views, "TH17 cells boosted by nanoparticle-bound fungal motifs." (

  • Congratulations 재은, 주원, and 정현 (생명과학과 학부연구생) on your first review paper that has been accepted in the journal of Drug Delivery and Translational Research (IF=5.6)! Thank you for your great contribution and I am very proud of you, guys!


Innovative Scientific Research Laboratory

We are ImmunoBiopharmaceuticals Laboratory, performing an interdisciplinary and cutting-edge research at Inha University.

Our team seeks to understand basic principle and underlying mechanism of disease to develop new therapeutic approach.

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